It’s barely 17 days in the BBNaija Lockdown House and a fight almost occured between Ozo and Prince, during the wager task preparation.

It all began while the remaining 18 Housemates were rehearsing for music drama ahead of the Thursday night wager task.

Prince had walked out on the rest of the Housemates and Ozo didn’t find it amusing.

For the first time, Ozo was heard shouting at the top of his voice while expressing disgust at Prince’s action.

As Ozo lost his cool and shouted for several minutes, Prince kept his calm and avoided what could have resulted in a fight.

Believed to be an awkward fight between love contenders, the two have an eye for Nengi; Ozo refused to be placated even after many of the Housemates calmed him down.

Trikytee, being the leader of the music drama rehearsal, stepped in to control the situation.

Ozo insisted Prince must apologise to the entire Housemates even after he had apologised to him to which he did.

Minutes after going into a fleeting rage, Ozo apologised to the House for losing his cool.

He also apologized to Prince for shouting at him, while explaining that Prince walking out was disrespectful to the House.