The state governments of Taraba and Benue have agreed to end the age-long crises between Tiv and Jukun tribes and return all displaced persons back to their localities.

The states reached the agreement at a reconciliation meeting organized by the Nasarawa state government in Lafia, the state capital.

The crises between Tiv and Jukun in Benue and Taraba states has gone on for more than five decades.

The age-long feud is due to land border disputes between the two tribes.

This has led to the deaths of thousands of persons and destruction of properties worth millions of naira.

The most recent was the death of eleven persons from both states in renewed hostilities about a week ago.

The Nasarawa state government has decided to step in to reconcile the tribes in both states and find a lasting solution to the crises.

The two state governments agreed to pursue a peaceful co-existence between both states and return all displaced persons back to their communities.

Traditional institutions of both states say they are ready to drive the peace process.