If there is one thing Daddy Freeze is known for other than being a media personality, it is definitely his love for criticizing Nigerian churches and their leaders.

This time is no different. With the outbreak of coronavirus, many business and religious organizations have been advised to shut down in other to contain and control the deadly virus.

Seeing as churches are being asked to close down while hospitals are opening, Freeze took to his Instagram page to throw shade at Nigerian churches while stating that medicine has proven to be greatest miracles of all times.

Referring to Nigerian churches as ‘delivery healing houses’, he stated that they are closed while the ‘real healing houses’ (hospitals) are open.

He captioned: “Medical science remains the one of the greatest miracles. God gave us brains to be used, not for ornamental purposes.”

His post comes several days after he reacted to a coronavirus miracle by a Nigerian medical personnel. Identified as Amadi Emmanuel, he stated that he was amongst the medical team who came in contact with the Italian, who was the index case in Nigeria.

However, after reading a scripture in the bible and praying as instructed by Ibiyeomie, his test results for coronavirus came out negative.

While many people rejoiced at what they believe is God’s work at play, Daddy Freeze seems to think otherwise.

While churches have been instructed to close down, an American man of God is letting Christians know that nothing should stop them from paying their tithes, not even if they lose their jobs.

Identified as Kenneth Copeland, he recently spoke on the issue of the virus which he claims God revealed to him would be over soon. While speaking on how it has affected people and their means of livelihood, he stated that they have no cause to worry if they put their trust in God.