The Nigerian Medical Association has described a statement by the Lagos state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hakeem Odumosu, saying that health workers, in addition to carrying a valid means of identification, must show evidence of being on duty whenever they move around the state during the lockdown as uncomplimentary.

The group says that it has received some reports from its members pertaining to the enforcement of restriction of movement leading to their harassment.

It emphasized that all hands are needed on deck at this time to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

A statement issued by the group on Wednesday said; “medical doctors are not unmindful of the great responsibility that the profession places on them at difficult times like these, especially considering the need to continue to keep the hospitals open and attend to other life-threatening conditions outside COVID-19. These services are also rendered at both public and private facilities.

It is also imperative for the CP to realize that the health workers are always on duty as you can be called to report at any and all times, also that the other ancillary health staff is part of the health team.

Indeed, we are the first line of defense and the last line of retreat in the ongoing pandemic. However, we need the support and collaboration of other stakeholders to effectively discharge their duties.

We, therefore, call on the Lagos state government and all Nigerians to advise Mr. Odumosu on the possible implication(s) of his statement as any harassment of our members will elicit a strong response from the Association”. It stated.