Actor, Femi Adebayo, has revealed his encounter with gunmen on Thursday in Lagos.

On his Instagram page, the son of veteran actor, Adebayo Salami, revealed that his vehicle was accosted by gunmen at 7UP bus stop, along Lagos Ibadan Expressway.

He said that two men bearing arms came down from their vehicle and tried to force his car open and when they were unable to, bashed his vehicle with the butt of their guns.

In the post, which showed no photos of the allegedly damaged vehicle, Adebayo said he was grateful no one was hurt.

Femi Adebayo in speech on how the attacked happened said;

“I thank God for his protection over me and mine. I know my job comes with its risk. Working as an actor and politician requires regular movement.

“Today, just at the U-turn coming from CMD Magodo around 7UP heading towards Ojota, my vehicle was accosted by men in a Toyota Corolla. They crossed my vehicle at the U-turn. Two men alighted from the vehicle bearing AK47s. They tried to force the doors open. They kept hitting my car with the butt of their guns. In the process, they broke the door handle and left dents on different parts of my vehicle.

“All these happened in full view of other vehicles and other individuals passing by. In the short time, that this happened, no one came to help. The guys were obviously not policemen, they didn’t wear any insignia of the force. They wore plain clothes and had extra guts to perform this act during the day at about 12 noon.

“Their assumption will have been that I was in the vehicle but my driver was the only one en route to my location.

“With swiftness, he was able to maneuver and speed off. I thank God for keeping him. We are all still shocked at this but grateful to God that no life was lost in the process.