The Ghanaian government has apologised to Nigeria after it demolished a building within the premises of the high commission.

In a release issued by the ministry of foreign affairs , the government of Ghana admitted that this demolition is a Breach of diplomatic Relations.

An investigation is already underway- and Ghana has assured that the perpetrators will be apprehended

Since this development security has been beefed up around the premises housing the Nigerian high commission

Ghana has assured the diplomatic community of their safety and that it is a law abiding nation .

Officials from the ministry will be visiting the high commission tomorrow to access the damage done to the property.
Now let’s bring you up to speed with what we know

The plot of land in Question houses the high commissioners residence and four other buildings

It was Ceded to the Nigerian government in the sixties.

A portion of the land had remained undeveloped until eight years ago when building works began – that is what is dye subject of contention now by a business man who says he is the legitimate owner

Sometime in The year two Thousand official corespondence was exchanged between Presidents olusegun Obasanjo and jerry Rawlings of Ghana where the issue of ownership was resolved and the sum of fifty million Ghanaian cedis paid.

Building works commenced on a portion of the land after all approvals were sought and obtained from regulatory authorities

We are tracking this story and will bring you updates and we get them


1960’s – plot of land ceded to Nigerian Govt by Ghana

2000 -Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Jerry Rawlings exchange corespondence , met to resolve the issue of ownership

2000 – Nigeria pays 50 M Cedis

2012 – Building works commence on land situated inside the High Commission

June 18, 2020 – hoodlums lay claim to completed building housing high commission officials

June 21 – building demolished at 1am