After two weeks of losing their Thursday night wager challenge, the 18 Housemates left in the #BBNaija Lockdown edition won their first wager challenge.

After Ebuka’s shade and advice to Housemates on Sunday night, they stayed true to their challenge.

Determined to win the week’s wager challenge, they stayed through the night practising their music drama.

Trikytee held the position of the producer and leader of the task and the Housemates put their acting masks on with some level of discipline and seriousness.

They secured the win after hitching a ride on the DeLorean time machine and taking a trip back in time to deliver the performance of their lives.

The 80s romantic musical was the theme of their much-anticipated wager task performance and it was a sight to behold.

The performance opened with a rendition of Fela Kuti’s popular hit ‘Open and close’ with Neo taking the lead and introducing viewers to the romantic musical.

A romantic play that focused on the complexities of love was infused with some of the 80’s romantic hits with a blend of popular hits from contemporary world.

Neo played the protagonist while Erica was his love interest.

Tochi and Dorathy played Erica’s parents reluctant to let Neo pursue a relationship with their daughter.

They favoured another, which Erica vehemently rejected. The play was filled with twists and turns and finally reinforcing the statement that ‘Love Wins’.

In line with the 80’s theme, the Housemates came out decked in the most fashionable retro attires to give off the ‘old school’ vibe.