A 31-year-old man, Paul Fayemi, on Thursday pleaded with a Badagry Customary Court in Topo, Badagry, to dissolve his eight-year marriage to Esther Fayemi on grounds of incompatibility.

Fayemi, a businessman, who resides at Plot 8, Aquatic Jungle Str., Airplane Base in Povita Badagry told the court that his wife was troublesome.

“I committed a grievous mistake by marrying Esther.

“My lord, I met Esther in 2011 when I lost my father.

“She came to commensurate with me on the death of my father and consequently parked her property to my place.

“I made a mistake of accepting her that time because I did not know the difference between love and affection.

“ She is a troublemaker and always makes me unhappy when I am with her.

“Her family always threatened to kill me.

“My lord, there is no more love between us and I want the court to divorce the marriage so that we can go our separate ways,’’ he said.

The respondent, who lives at Topo, Badagry with their three daughters, however, denied all the allegations leveled against her saying;

“Paul had left me and the three children for two years without bothering whether we eat or not.

“My lord, the problem started when our close friend told me that my husband was planning to marry another wife in Povita, where he lives.

“He went to a Jehovah Witness Church and lied that he is a bachelor and wanted to marry a lady from the church.

“When I got to know, I went to the church to tell them that I’m his wife and that we have three children.

“ I was surprised when Paul came to his mother’s house where I live on January 21 after two years to send me divorce paper.

“My lord, even with this neglect and suffering, I am not leaving my husband.

“ I have made a pledge that I will not marry two men in my life.

“Even if I suffer more than this, I will stay with him. He is free to marry another woman but he cannot just drive me out like that.

“I still love him,’’ she said.

The court’s President, Mr Sakirudeen Adekola, however, adjourned the case until February 7 for further hearing.

Adekola ordered both parties to come with their parents to court on the adjourned date for resolution of the matter.