The Ambassador of Indonesia to Nigeria, Dr. Usra Hendra Harahap, has pledged that Indonesia would continue to extend a hand of partnership to Nigeria on an equal basis for the benefit of the two nations.

Harahap made the pledge at the 74th anniversary of the Indonesian Armed Forces Day late Wednesday in Abuja. The theme of the event is “Professional Armed Forces, Pride of the Indonesians’’.

“We will continue to extend a hand of partnership on an equal basis, with one sentence in our mind: ‘A closer relationship between Indonesia and Nigeria for the benefit and prosperity of our peoples’. “And I believe, by materialising this partnership, it will bring common benefit for the two nations.

“May Indonesia-Nigeria friendship and cooperation intensify further in the years ahead,’’ and, hopefully, in the broader areas not only limited to weaponry but also education and training, he said.

According to him, the cooperation between Indonesian and Nigerian armed forces should be promoted. He said that no nation could stand alone in order to gain its full potential, adding that cooperation and partnership were the best paths for nations to develop themselves.

Harahap said  “I will work hard to make more Nigerian military personnel get their training and education in Indonesia. “Indonesian industries are also offering its strategic products to Nigeria to fulfill the requirements of security and defense activities.’’

The ambassador said that the 74th anniversary of the Indonesian Armed Forces signified continuous progress and achievements of the country’s armed forces in protecting the nation over the decades. He said that the Indonesian Armed Forces has the role of defense to deter external military threats, eliminate threats and ensure peace and security within its national territory.

“Therefore, it has always been my duty to bridge communication and bring the state of the relationship between Indonesia and Nigeria as well as other African countries, especially in the defence sector closer and stronger.

According to him, Indonesian armed forces, `Indonesian National Military’ (TNI), which was born on Oct. 5, 1945, has gradually transformed into a professional entity. He said that TNI serves, not only as of the guardian of the Indonesian national interests domestically but also as an active proponent to the peacekeeping missions around the globe.

“Transnational issues, from terrorism to cyber threat for example, eventually force countries to work together bilaterally and multilaterally,’’ he said.

In his remarks, the Nigerian Chief of Defence Intelligence, AVM Mohammed Usman, said that Nigeria looks forward to better cooperation between the two nations.

Usman said Nigeria has been partnering with Indonesia in the production of defense and security equipment.

Represented by Brig.-Gen. Parker Udiandeye, Usman said that all armed forces of every nation were a pride to their nation. According to him, they secure their people, ensure the safety and security of the people to conduct their economic and social undertaking.