Kano State Ministry for the Environment said it has disinfected and sanitized 40 markets, 31 churches and 31 mosques, remand homes and Correctional centres to curb spread of coronavirus.

This according to the ministry, were the places visited by the index patient of coronavirus in the state.

TVC News Correspondent, Ibrahim Isah reports on the recent moves by the government to curtail spread of the virus.

Kano now has a confirmed case of the coronavirus pandemic disease. But the index patient before his diagnosis had visited numerous places and had contacts with many people.

To prevent spread of the virus, the Kano State Government believed the environment he lived and places he visited, need to be fumigated and disinfected.

Two friday mosques, and three diagnostic centers top the list of places targeted by the state environment officials.

The Government had since closed down a private clinic and the diagnostic centres the coronavirus patient had gone for treatment when he fell sick. Medical professionals who had contact with him are being tested.

Already, Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje had announced stricter measures aimed at curtailing spread of the virus.

He said business will no longer be as usual now that Kano is on the list of states positive for COVID-19.

Kano State Ministry for the environment said 40 markets, 31 churches and 31 mosques, remand homes and correctional centers had been disinfected and sanitized to curb spread of the virus.