During the week, there was an epic clash between football titans, Barcelona FC and Liverpool FC. Liverpool FC had tasted defeat at the home of Barcelona FC during the first leg of the European Champions League semi-final clash between the teams, and some football lovers had assumed that the second leg would not be much different.

Among those who bet against Liverpool FC winning the match was Kcee. Although the singer is a Chelsea FC fan, he bet N1m on Barcelona and lost the money to his manager, Chidozie Dike.

Eventually, Liverpool FC beat their rival to qualify for the final of the competition, meaning that the singer lost the bet.

In an interview, the artiste’s manager, Dike, who won the wager, said the singer was true to his word as he gave him the N1m.

“Losing N1m is nothing to KC, it is a normal thing. He bet me that Barcelona FC would win and it lost. I rooted for Liverpool FC to win. He paid me the money after losing the bet.

“Actually, Kcee is a Chelsea fan while I support Arsenal but we bet on the game to make the football match more interesting. The truth is that Kcee is not a gambler so the bet was to make the game more interesting and intense,” he said.