The action of the Legislative Assembly also defied the interim injunctive Orders of Court by acting upon a report submitted to it by its Public Accounts Committee and resolving that:

“The Chief Judge of Kogi State (the 1st Claimant/Applicant herein) be removed for alleged gross misconduct, and

ii) That the Chief Registrar of Kogi State High Court (2nd Claimant/Applicant herein) should be referred to the Kogi State Judicial Service Commission for disciplinary action for misconduct.”

The motion was on the grounds that the purported resolution of the 1st-3rd defendants was made during the pendency of this suit and a subsisting order of this Court restraining the defendants from taking any steps In respect of the substantive matter.

The motion also held that orders of court were meant to be obeyed by parties adding that the said resolution of the 1st – 3rd defendants violated the said Order of the court and amounted therefore, “to self help which is deprecated by the law.”

It also argued that the said resolution having been mede during the pendency of the suit and a subsisting order of the Court, was a nullity under the Law and ought to be set aside.

The High Court presided over by Justice Alaba Omolaye-Ajileye, adjourned the matter until April 12.

News men reports that the motion was supported with a 15-paragraph affidavit deposed to by Alhaji Yahaya Adamu, the Chief Registrar and also one of the claimants/applicants.

Adamu noted that the court had on Dec, 12, 2018, restrained the defendants themselves, their agents or privies from acting or threatening to act or interfere in any way detrimental to the claimants in the discharge of their duties as Chief Judge and Chief Registrar respectively.