Nigeria’s Export Processing Zones Authority said modalities are in place to ensure the coronavirus is not spread in operational free trade zones.

It is also working towards the implementation of a sixty percent employment quota for locals where the trade zones are domiciled.

Nigeria’s free Zone scheme was initiated to diversify the economy away from oil while speeding up industrialization.

This has become increasingly necessary with the drastic drop in the price of oil.

Though the spread of the coronavirus disease has cut down business activities in these zones, producers of essentials like consumables are still hard at work

A good number of foreign nationals operate in these zones and the Export Processing Zones’ Authority says modalities are in place to contain the possible spread of the virus in such locations.

A recent dispute between workers and management of an enterprise in the Ogun-Guandong Free Trade Zone, following the lockdown extension has been resolved.

But it exposed shortcomings in the implementation of the agency’s sixty percent employment quota for workers in areas where the zones are located.

NEPZA now said it will work towards ensuring the quota is adhered to. The agency also said progress has been made towards amending its act to allow it function more effectively.