The speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, yesterday expressed concern over the insecurity in Nigeria, saying the nation was besieged on all sides. This he said while declaring open a two-day capacity building workshop/retreat of the House Committee on Defence in collaboration with Centre for Strategic Research and Studies of the National Defence College and the Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre.

He said the present security challenges are more diverse and demanding than ever before witnessed in Nigeria’s history: “We’re besieged on all sides: in the north, by insurgents and bandits; in the south, by militants and highwaymen. And all of us together, our economy and industry, even our democracy, are threatened by the ambitions of those who will wage war on our interests through the skilful abuse of information technology and cyberspace. It is perhaps this last threat that promises to alter forever the nature of our existence.

As legislators, we’re called upon to make national security policy through the passage of legislation, through oversight of national security infrastructure and through the approval of appropriation to fund national security activities,” he said.

He said the house was working on a new model of funding the military outside the national budget to enable it to carry out its responsibilities.