Filmmaker and actress, Ego Boyo say the Nigerian police have an opportunity of improving their image through representation in film.

Boyo is a Nollywood veteran actress popular for her role as Ann Haastrup in classic TV series, ‘Checkmate’ ’ and as actor/producer for the critically acclaimed 90’s film ‘Violated’.

In an interview with our correspondent on Wednesday, she said that through continuous positive representation of the police in films, citizens can trust the system better.

Boyo explained further that she intends to do this by creating an upright police character in her film, ‘The Ghost and The House of Truth’.

In the movie, Kate Henshaw, played a character known as officer stainless, a pregnant police officer who does her best to unravel a child’s murder.

According to her, the idea was to demonstrate more empathy, for officers to focus on their cases with dedication and to be thorough in their investigations.

She said, “They need to actually be friends with the community by their actions and interaction with the citizens.”