Star Robin Van Persie, Former Manchester United has revealed the kind of disciplinarian Sir Alex Ferguson is when he was the manager of the Old Trafford side.

The 36-year-old striker who was known for his superb goal scoring sense stated that Sir Alex Ferguson slammed two Manchester United players in front of their teammates in 2013.

During that year, Manchester United were aiming to win the Premier League title in which they lost at home against City which was a painful defeat for Alex Ferguson then.

And after the defeat which made Manchester United 12 points clear off the table, two first team players decided to go to night party.

According to the report, Van Persie explained that Alex Ferguson got the photographs of all these players and where they went to and pasted it at the entrance of the dressing room. He also blasted them the next day when all the players gathered for training and warned all his wards.

Van Persie also explained that Alex Ferguson told the whole players to hold the two stars responsible if the team should fail to win the League title.

“He said: ‘Boys, if we don’t win the league it’s because of these two a***holes who opted to go out. “I know the names, but can’t reveal them. The manager slaughter.d them. It was amazing. He’d put up photos documenting where they were, at 2am, 3am, 4am etc, to underline just how stupid they had been,” Persie explained.