A Non Governmental Organisation seeking to end female genital mutilation in the country, Value Re-Orientation for Community Enhancement, has called on international agencies and government at all levels to ensure the full implementation of Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act.

While presenting the report of the investigation carried out in Oyo, Osun and Ekiti states, the group’s Executive Director, Ademola Adebisi condemned the poor implementation of the act which was signed into law in 2015, putting the lives of young girls at risk.

He stressed that the girl child would remain unsafe if the Act was not fully implemented at the grassroots to stop female genital mutilations.

Adebisi noted that FGM was more prevalent in Oyo West, Orelope, Kajola, Ibadan North-East, Ibadan North, Akinyele, including Fiditi in Afijio Local Governments in Oyo. In Osun; Orolu, Ife East and Oriade local government areas while in Ekiti State; Ikere, Ekiti West and Ido-Osi local government areas.

“Also in the course of our investigation, we discovered that those who hide their children or even run away with them so as not to undergo the act are compelled to bring the children back home to carry out the rite or risk being excommunicated and ostracised or even called bastards.

“A community leader also told us in confidence that some are brought back from wherever they are diabolically, just to carry out genital mutilations on their girl child as that is the custom.

“It was discovered that perpetrators were now leaving the major city where they would be found, arrested and prosecuted for the villages to carry out the outlawed practice.” he said.