The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Rev Nicholas Okoh, has asked the Federal Government to step up security in the country, stating that Nigerians elected the government firstly to provide security.

The Anglican Primate spoke on Sunday in Abuja during an interview at a service of admission of women into Women’s Guild and Mothers’ Union at St James’ Church, Asokoro, of the Diocese of Abuja, Anglican Communion.The Primate said, “If the situation breaks down to militias’ situation where everyone forms their own groups, whether in the South-West, South-East, North and Middle Belt, then we are in danger. So, we hope it will not get to that point. The government of the day should ensure the security of everyone in the country. The provision should include the poorest of the poor, farmers and other classes of people. If we enjoy security, then that is government.”

Speaking on the closure of land borders, Okoh noted that while the closure of borders had been implemented successfully by some countries, the Federal Government must ensure its decision was not to please some selfish individuals.

“I think that the government must have assessed the impact. We are not the first country to close our borders; other countries closed their borders. It depends on what reasons. China did it for a long time and they came out better. We hope that closing the borders will not be for the interests of a few but for the general interests of Nigerians,” Okoh added.