The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) has nominated Senate President Bukola Saraki as an “Ambassador-at-Large”.

A letter, dated March 16, by Ambassador Friday Sani, the Diplomatic Head of the Commission to Nigeria and other African Countries, stated that following the approval of the World Secretary General of the IHRC, Saraki was nominated as one of the revered Ambassadors-at-Large of the multinational body.

“While our role as a regional body is to promote and encourage institutions and persons to uphold human dignity across the world, we must not fail to mention the commendation of our Nigerian team over your resolute efforts in the stability of your country and your firm leadership of the Nigerian Senate, which is adjudged to be among the most proactive parliaments across the world.

“Besides, the commission is not unmindful of the maturity that you recently displayed in the face of an obvious provocation in your constituency during the last presidential and National Assembly elections,” Ambassador Sani said in the letter.