The Nigeria Football Federation has placed a ban on street football due to the Corona Virus Outbreak. The body encourages the youth to saty safe and avoid undue contact in order to curb the further spread of this virus.

Nigerians react to this ban by the NFF in different lights.

Is there an agency or any official to monitor this across the country? Left to me, I don’t think such ban can stand unlike major football activities monitored by the federation.

– Olufemi Damilola, fresh graduate

Funny that a country without 24-hour electricity wants to keep young people indoors. Well, it might not work. But I think it will be reasonable on the part of young people to keep themselves safe, either by playing in fewer numbers like five-a-side and avoid unnecessary crowding.

– Gbenga Oni, consultant

I don’t think the street football ban will stand. People are scared of the disease but it is obvious we miss the sport.

– Raphael Abiola, analyst

There is also a lot of body contact in street football. Yes, it will hold if well publicised. If every media channel is used to publicise the ban, with its reasons, parent would ensure its enforcement on their kids.

– Aanuoluwapo Baba-Onoja, data scientist

The NFF ban on all football activities in the country is a good initiative because it is aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19. But the major concern is if the ban will be effective on street football as there are no laid down measures of enforcing the ban by the NFF. Thus, it may not be fully complied with, except a means of enforcement is put in place.

– Akintayo Ayodele, businessman

The ban might not stand since there is no regulatory body to manage it. The police won’t be able to go from street to street to stop people from playing football.

– Wale Jayeoba, social worker

With people not going to work, schools and even churches again, they would be left with nothing else, except to create new ways of getting busy. Right now, in our estate, we are planning a community football competition since we are all home. I don’t know how the police will be able to stop us from enjoying ourselves.

– Fola Ibikunle, student

The ban at this time is good, in my opinion. All hands must be on deck to ensure that the spread of COVID-19 is stopped. However, I believe that this ban by the NFF won’t stand until the spread of coronavirus has gone critical in Nigeria, God forbid.

– Ayobami Oluyemi, public servant