Evo Morales, who resigned as Bolivia’s president Sunday after losing the support of the army and police, has said there is now a warrant for his arrest.

“I declare to the world and the people of Bolivia that a police official said publicly that he has instructions to execute an order of illegal apprehension against my person,” Morales tweeted.

But police commander Vladimir Yuri Calderon told local Unitel television that no such warrant exists.

Morales also said “violent groups” had attacked his home, writing: “Putschists are destroying the rule of law.”

Luis Fernando Camacho, a conservative leader of three weeks of protests that led to Morales’ resignation, meanwhile also said there was an arrest warrant for the former president.

Camacho tweeted that authorities are looking for Morales in Chapare, an area of central Cochabamba department.

“The military took away his presidential plane and he is hiding in Chapare. They are going after him,” Camacho wrote.

It was from Chapare that Morales announced his resignation on television.