Gbemi “Toni Tones” Adefuye, has revealed the one-liner tribute that she paid to the End SARS protest of October 2020 in the newly released Netflix series, “King of Boys: The Return of the King.”

In episode one of the seven-part limited series, Toni Tones, who played the younger Eniola Salami  – the sociopathic crime boss and eponymous King of Boys – yelled “Soro soke were!” to her older self (Sola Sobowale) who was still mourning the loss of her children and experiencing a dissociative identity disorder.

A Twitter user, @lateefasiru, tweeted,  “@kemiadetiba and Toni Tones sneaked ‘Soro soke were’ into KOB 2 Ep 1. Love it.”

As a response to Asiru’s observation, Tones confirmed that “It was my ode to ‘End SARS’.

In the next line of her tweet, she said that “I never made it to the protest grounds because we were shooting [King of Boys].”

“That was [my way] of protesting [and] immortalising it for the culture,” she ended her tweet by stating the reason for including the storied phrase in her lines.

‘Soro soke were’, which means ‘speak up, lunatic’ in Yoruba, was one of the popular phrases during the End SARS protests and was commonly thrown about on protest grounds.

Popular singer, Small Doctor, even has a song titled “Soro Soke Were”, released in October 2020 and intended to amplify the visibility of the End SARS protests.

Since the series’ release last Friday, ‘King of Boys: The Return of the King’, has enjoyed far-reaching praise, a bulk of it directed towards its producer-director, Kemi Adetiba.

Beyond that, it enjoys the status as the first-ever Nigerian Netflix original series.