Twenty-one days after Big Brother Naija Season four commenced to rapturous applause, four housemates – Avala, Isilomo, Ella and Kim Oprah (as at Sunday afternoon) – have kissed goodbye to the opportunity of winning the ultimate prize worth N60million. 17 housemates remain guests in the BBNaija House.

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the remaining 17 housemates, as they have had to adapt to each other’s personalities as they live and work together. Readjusting themselves to a new order has been difficult as seen in their various tasks last week. Virtually everyone was opinionated and unbending. They lost their first wager as a result and received some stinging comments from their invisible landlord, ‘Biggie’.

There has, however, been a marked improvement in their attitude as evidenced in last Thursday’s task, despite their horrible attempt at singing for the Pepsi “Know Da Lyrics” challenge earlier in the week. Big Brother jocularly told some of them not to attempt going to a studio for any recording session. For the first time during BBNaija Season 4, the “Pepper Dem” gang rehearsed and performed in unison. Impressed by their collective performance, Big Brother decided to reward them with their wager for next week, although it still followed with some punishment for their previous behaviour.

But while they may now be working harmoniously as a team to avoid Big Brother’s sledgehammer, the strong individual inclinations remain palpable.

For example, some of the housemates have been quite blunt with how they express their opinions regarding activities in the house or topics of general discussion. This, however, has resulted in a few clashes and war of words amongst them. An example will be the shouting match between Tacha and Frodd over the use of the bathroom. Things escalated pretty fast but was later contained by the other housemates.

For the housemates who seem to take their tasks preparations with a level of seriousness, Mike, Frodd, Sir Dee and Gedoniwill easily fall into this category. They are quite competitive with the tasks and as such considered threats by the other housemates. But Mike will desperately need to improve his pidgin English as he struggles in tasks that involve verbal communication in that language. Case in point would be his hilarious rendition of Teni the Entertainer’s popular track ‘For your case’ during the Pepsi challenge. His struggle to pronounce some words in the song left social media in stitches!

In a house where unlimited quarrels are certainties, the resolver-in-chief definitely has to be Seyi. The grandson of the late politician, Obafemi Awolowo, seems to have relished his toga as the chief diplomat. He also seems to be spurring his fellow housemates with all his motivational illustrations about life, providing relevant examples at every given juncture, a trait that has seen some of his co-housemates brand him a talkative. He also touts himself as the guy in the house who empathizes with the ladies and has also assumed responsibility over certain activities such as kitchen organisation, even though that usually ends in a disaster.

Jeff, Diane, Nelson and Tuoyo seem to be in the cool-headed team, as they have remained calm so far despite all that might have been thrown towards them. Asides Jeff, the remaining three majorly speak when necessary. Nonetheless, these four housemates also seem to be the most confused of the lot. Their actions have depicted that they are clearly interested in finding love in the house but are quite confused on who to settle for. Jeff’s interest seems to have waned with the eviction of KimOprah but seems he still has his eyes for other ladies in the house. Nelson and Tuoyo are in a love triangle fix with Diane, who has acknowledged the interest from the duo but is interested in Nelson. Meanwhile, Nelson has also fixed his gaze on Jackye, who has maintained (for now) that she is not interested as she had a blossoming relationship outside before entering the house. To be added to this group is Frodd, who has jumped from one female housemate to another and is currently hovering around Esther, who has vehemently rejected his advances, thereby leading to a flood of tears.

With the eviction of Ella, Khafi appears to be the only female housemate with a sonorous voice capable of making a dejected person come back to life. Her stimulating vocal range might have been the key to finally unlock the heart of Gedoni as her guy in the house. Khafi has shown that she is not afraid to confront anyone, bringing her strong traits as a police officer into play. She, however, secludes herself at every given opportunity with Gedoni, a situation the bearded folk has expressed his reservations over.

The same ‘situationship’ looks to have captivated the heart of Ike, who has slowly withdrawn from his bad boy, gangster-like attitude into the tender arms of his love interest, Mercy. Ike, who gave viewers a moment never to forget after the housemates’ second Saturday party with the stealing of Omashola’s coins, has considerably dropped his controversial antics and has become a lot calmer. But it remains to be seen if he will maintain such an attitude to the end of the show.

So, whose personality trait will help get him or her across the finish line on day 99? The drama continues LIVE, 24/7 on DStv and on GOtv.