Stakeholders from different spheres of the economy have advised entrepreneurs in the country on how to achieve success in business.

The stakeholders spoke during the unveiling of a book written by a business tycoon, Chief Oladele Fajemirokun, titled ‘The Making of Me: My Odyssey in Business,’ in Lagos on Monday. The event was attended by dignitaries from different parts of the country.

A professor of Political Economy and Management, Pat Utomi, said Fajemirokun one of his old school mates, had become a successful businessman.

He said one major thing that he admired about Fajemirokun was that he was someone who believed in merit. “Fajemirokun fought against authorities but networked remarkably well in business. He could network but never tried to capture,” Utomi said.

He said that the book was a relevant one for all to buy, because it would give insightful knowledge into Fajemirokun’s journey from his humble beginning to his success story.

While speaking about the book, Fajemirokun urged entrepreneurs to do the right thing in their quest to be successful.

Fajemirokun, who currently serves on the board of some companies, said, “There are many ways to success in life without being fraudulent.” Babatunde Jose, the son of the late foremost journalist, Alhaji Babatunde Jose, said the book was about the life of Fajemirokun and described him as a self-reliant man.

Jose, who wrote the foreword to the book, said, “This is a man who has not relied on others for solutions to the difficulties that surrounded him. When confronted with trials and tribulations, he had a determined mind and absolutely applied his power to remove the obstacles in his way.”

He added that, “Fajemirokun was born into poverty, raised amid the flotsam and amid jetsam of ‘Onola’, but today relies on the good name which he has made for himself through his own efforts, and an unconquerable spirit, combined with unwavering determination.

“He did not inherit money from his father, but worked tirelessly to repay the various debts his father owed. He did not inherit mansions from his father, but built mansions for himself.

“He survived because he had faith in himself. He has not allowed anyone to shake his confidence in himself, for his self-reliance has been the foundation of his life’s achievement.”